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If you look around any major city, you will likely see plenty of scooters for rent. These scooters provide a convenient and eco-friendly way to get around but they come with their share of dangers. For one, the scooters don’t provide much protection to riders. This leaves riders vulnerable if they get in an accident. Another consideration is that almost anyone can get on a scooter. This means that riders can be inexperienced making them more likely to be involved in a wreck.

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Scooter accidents are all too common in many cities and if you become involved in one, you need a good lawyer on your side. Moe DeWitt can get you the compensation you need.

Rules for Scooter Riders

Because scooters are potentially dangerous, many cities have gotten ahead of the curve and put their own laws in place. Fort Lauderdale, for instance, created a Dockless Mobility Program that lays down some basic rules that must be obeyed.

For one, only certain companies are permitted to distribute their scooter in the city and all those companies must have permits to do so. The scooters permitted include:

  • Bird Black Scooters with a black and white logo on the stem.
  • Bolt Yellow Scooter with a black footboard.
  • Lime Black Scooters with lime green accents and a white footboard.

The Dockless Mobility Program also enforces the following rules for riders:

  • Always yield to pedestrians.
  • Don’t ride intoxicated.

Also, scooters must always be parked with the kickstand down and so they are not blocking the sidewalk. They also cannot block wheelchair ramps, business entrances, parking spots, fire hydrants, street furniture (like benches), and garbage cans.

There are also certain rules enforced by the Bird company that a rider must be compliant to upon submitting the rental agreement. For instance, Bird recommends that riders do not carry any sort of purse or backpack when riding.

What Happens if I’m Hit by a Car While Riding a Scooter?

Scooter accidents are treated just like any other car accident, which is to say, the person responsible for the accident is liable for the damages. In most cases, this will be the driver of the car.

The driver may have been disobeying the rules of the road, driving distracted or he may have been intoxicated. This negligent behavior will identify him as the at-fault party.

However, the scooter rider can be at fault as well. The scooter rider may not have been paying attention to the rules of the road resulting in a collision. If the rider is at fault, it may affect his ability to collect damages.

What Happens if I Collide with a Pedestrian When Riding a Scooter?

In some cases, scooters can collide with pedestrians.

As compared to scooters, pedestrians have the right of way. Therefore, scooters must yield to pedestrians. They must also clear areas when parking their bikes so pedestrians can walk comfortably.

If a scooter rider ends up not yielding to a pedestrian or disobeying the rules of the road in any other way, they will be liable for the accident. They are also responsible if they leave their scooter blocking the sidewalk and a pedestrian becomes injured when walking past.

Of course, in some cases, pedestrians may also be responsible for accidents. They may not be looking at where they are going and they may end up colliding with a scooter as a result. Bicyclists who aren’t looking at where they are going may also end up in a scooter accident.

What if the Accident was Caused by a Defective Scooter?

In some cases, the scooter itself can malfunction and cause an accident. Mechanical flaws can include a faulty hand brake, a blown tire, or a scooter that does not charge properly.

In these instances, the scooter company itself will be responsible for the accident. Maintenance companies may also be to blame if they didn’t properly maintain or repair the vehicle.

Finding the Right Lawyer for Your Bird Scooter Accident

If you were injured in a Bird Scooter accident, it’s important to have a reliable lawyer on your side. The right lawyer will help determine responsible parties so you know who to target for compensation. They will also help you gather evidence to build a strong case.

If you are looking for an injury lawyer in the Orlando, FL area, Just Call Moe! 

Moe DeWitt has years of experience in personal injury law. They treat each of their clients as individuals and never take a cookie-cutter approach. They believe this customized strategy is part of what makes them the successful agency they are today.

Bird scooters may seem like small vehicles but they can cause substantial injuries. If you were injured, don’t let at-fault parties get away with it. Just Call Moe to get the compensation you deserve.


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