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Dog bites are more serious than many people realize. Bleeding, exposure to rabies, and bacterial infection may only be the beginning of the victim’s problems. Additional complications could include loss of mobility and pain and suffering.

Winter Haven dog owners who fail to prevent their pets from harming others can be held liable for bite injuries. The most important step you can take after being bitten by a dog is retaining an experienced dog bite attorney. The team at JustCallMoe is ready to serve you and your family.

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Common Injuries and Complications From Dog Bite Attacks

Dog bites can injure the human body in many ways and lead to a variety of significant complications.

If you’ve been bitten by a dog, you may suffer:

  • Puncture wounds: A dog’s jaw can clamp down with tremendous force, allowing its sharp teeth to easily puncture the skin. The victim may suffer bleeding, scarring, and intense pain.
  • Bone fractures: The pressure exerted by the dog’s jaw can also be enough to break bones. During the attack, the dog may leap at and knock the victim to the ground, causing additional fractures.
  • Infection and disease: Dogs can carry dangerous bacteria along with rabies and other diseases. If a dog bite is not properly cleaned and treated, infection can quickly set in and lead to major health problems.
  • Face and neck injuries: If the dog attacks the face, the victim may suffer damage to the eyes, cheeks, nose, and other parts. When a dog bites the neck, arteries are at risk and the victim’s life may be as well.
  • Bruises: Both young and elderly dog bite victims are at risk of deep bruising because they have less protective tissue. Bruising is not just painful but can also limit the victim’s mobility.
  • Disfigurement and disability: Damage done to the body can cause disfigurement that requires plastic surgery. However, if the dog bite is severe enough, the victim could also be permanently disabled.
  • Emotional trauma: Dog bite injuries aren’t just physical. They can leave the victim with emotional injuries and trauma that could require therapy and similar treatments.

What to Know About Florida’s Dog Bite Statutes

The dog bite laws in Florida make it clear that the dog’s owner is responsible for any bite injuries, regardless of whether the owner knew the dog had vicious tendencies. This is known as strict liability.

Unlike a typical personal injury lawsuit in which the victim must prove negligence, it’s only necessary to show that:

  • The dog did in fact bite the victim
  • The victim was in a public place or lawfully in a private place at the time of the attack

However, the owner may not be held liable for a bite that happens on his or her property if a sign that includes the words “Bad Dog” is posted. This exception doesn’t apply if the victim is under six years of age or the bite is proximately caused by the owner’s negligence.

Can the Victim Be Held Partially Responsible?

Victims should understand that the dog’s owner may have legal defenses that could reduce or eliminate his or her liability. For instance, if the dog bite victim is illegally on the owner’s property at the time of the attack, the owner may not be liable at all. Meanwhile, if the victim provoked the dog bite, he or she may be found partially responsible and receive less monetary compensation.

Even if the dog owner tries to accuse you of causing the bite, he or she doesn’t get the final word. Talk to a dog bite attorney about fighting any attempt to shift liability to you.

What Compensation Is Available for a Dog Bite?

Every dog bite injury case is different. But as a general rule, victims can ask the court to award his or her:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost past and future wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental and emotional damages
  • Other relevant damages

Our Winter Haven Dog Bite Lawyer Can Help

When a dog bite victim retains an injury lawyer at our Winter Haven law firm, we immediately investigate the attack to identify the owner, obtain evidence, talk to witnesses, and gather medical records. If possible, we will negotiate with the owner’s premises liability insurer to reach a settlement that fairly compensates you for your losses.

However, we aren’t afraid to take the matter to court if the owner or the insurance company won’t negotiate in good faith.

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