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Personal Injury Attorney in White Haven, FL

If you’ve been hurt, Moe DeWitt is a personal injury lawyer in White Haven, FL. He’s here to help.

Being the victim of an injury accident is devastating. You’re left with injuries and property damage. But that’s not all. You’re in physical pain. You may be facing doubt and worry about the future. You may have lost income.

With the team at JustCallMoe, you can have an experienced attorney take care of everything needed for your personal injury case. We’re there for you when it counts.

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Injury Cases We Handle

Car accidents

The insurance company doesn’t want to pay what you deserve. Learn about if you can get compensated fully for financial damages, pain and suffering and more with the help of our auto accident lawyer in Winter Haven.

Motorcycle accidents

Your rights as a motorcyclist are important. We take your motorcycle accident claim seriously and pursue your full damages.

Truck accidents

Don’t let the trucking company intimidate you. We stand up to the big corporations to make sure you’re compensated.

Pedestrian accidents

Pedestrians are often seriously hurt when they’re involved in an accident. Make sure your interests are fully represented.

Slip and fall

As your lawyer, we prove fault and thoroughly document your injuries after a slip and fall accident.

Hit and run

You deserve justice when you’re the victim of a driver who flees the scene. Our Winter Haven hit and run accident lawyer can build your case and work to bring the offender to justice.

Uber and Lyft accidents

When an Uber or Lyft ride goes wrong, we’re here to make it right. We handle these unique rideshare accident claims.

We Win Personal Injury Cases

When you hire us at JustCallMoe, we do everything possible to win your personal injury case. We’re proud to represent the community of Winter Haven, FL in injury claims. Our team is always there when you need us.

Most of all, you need a personal injury lawyer who will do what it takes to win. Count on us to do everything necessary for your case. From investigating to drafting legal documents, negotiating your settlement and representing you in court, we fully represent you.

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What’s a personal injury claim?

A personal injury claim is the way you get financial compensation when you’re hurt by the actions of others. Someone else is legally responsible for the accident, and they should compensate the victim. A claim is the process to get compensation and determine the amount.

A Winter Haven personal injury lawyer is a trained professional that is on your side. Remember, the insurance companies and responsible parties don’t want to pay compensation. Our professionals know what it takes to win. By building the evidence and pursuing your rights, we work for your success.

Do I have a case?

Don’t just wonder if you have a personal injury claim. Learn about your situation with a free consultation. We’ll look at every option for you to receive compensation.

The incident and the injury don’t need to have occurred on purpose. You can be compensated if the other party acted negligently.

Negligence is a lack of reasonable care. It’s conduct that creates an unreasonable risk of harm. It can be as simple as a traffic violation or a broken hand railing in a store.

Most personal injury claims are based on negligence. That’s true for car accidents, other motor vehicle accidents and slip and falls. As your lawyer, we’ll consider if negligence or another type of liability applies. Then, we’ll pursue your case from start to finish.

How we prove your case

How do we win personal injury claims?

We know the law.

We build the evidence.

We pursue your rights, relentlessly.

Your case starts when you hire JustCallMoe. Our team learns your story. Then, we get to work right away. Our team investigates your case. We gather records, speak to witnesses and work with experts to prepare scientific and technical evidence.

Then, we’re your advocates. We don’t accept the insurance company’s excuses or defenses. Our team knows what to do to move forward with your case. Proving your case means understanding every element needed to make your case a success. It means having a legal strategy that’s unique to your situation.

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What compensation can I get?

A personal injury claim is about financial compensation. What compensation? How much compensation can I get for my personal injury?

Of course, no two personal injuries are alike. It depends.

Damages from a personal injury are the ways you have lost because of the injury – financially and personally. Medical bills, lost income and property damages are financial losses. Pain and suffering, disfigurement and loss of lifestyle are non-economic losses. All these losses can be compensated.

In addition to the amount of your damages, other factors may impact your compensation. At your individual consultation, we’ll talk about what your case may be worth.

How a personal injury lawyer helps

  • Legal procedures are complex.
  • Insurance companies have tricks to avoid paying compensation.
  • It can be hard to gather evidence.
  • A legal strategy may be critical to success.

Your personal injury lawyer helps with all these things. We have the knowledge and experience. Our team is there when you need us, throughout your case.

Personal Injury Case FAQs

Do I have to testify in court?

Usually, personal injury victims don’t have to testify in court to receive financial compensation. We’ll let you know if that’s likely to happen in your case. If you must testify, we’ll make sure you know exactly what to expect, and we’ll always be by your side.

Are there time limits to filing a Florida personal injury case?

Yes. In fact, the time limits to filing a Florida personal injury case recently changed. Most cases have a two-year statute of limitations.

What is Florida’s modified comparative negligence law?

Florida Statutes § 768.71 creates a system of modified comparative negligence. An injured party may receive financial compensation if they are not more than 50% at fault for the accident.

Who decides who is at fault for the accident?

It’s up to the jury to decide the percentage of fault for each party. However, the parties may choose to resolve their case by settlement.

Do Florida personal injury laws apply throughout Winter Haven?

There may be relevant local ordinances, but generally, Florida’s statewide principles of injury liability apply in Winter Haven.

Representing Clients in Winter Haven, FL

We are taking new cases representing clients in Winter Haven, FL and the surrounding areas. Whether you are the injured party or you are calling on behalf of a family member, we invite you to contact our offices to learn more.

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