Factors That Influence Settlements in Florida Personal Injury Cases

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There are numerous factors that influence settlements in Florida personal injury cases. Understanding these can help you manage your expectations and strive for a fair resolution.


Severity of Injuries


The severity of your injuries significantly impacts your settlement. More severe injuries typically lead to higher medical expenses and potentially greater losses in terms of income and quality of life.


Impact on Your Lifestyle


If your injury affects your ability to work or enjoy activities you used to, you may be entitled to compensation for ‘loss of enjoyment of life,’ which can increase your settlement.


Future Medical Costs


If you will need ongoing medical care or rehabilitation, these projected costs will be included in the settlement.


Your Degree of Fault


Florida operates under a ‘comparative fault’ system, meaning your settlement can be reduced by your degree of fault in the accident.


Insurance Policy Limits


Insurance policy limits also affect your settlement. If the at-fault party’s insurance coverage is limited, it might limit the amount you are able to recover.


Legal Representation


Having a skilled Florida personal injury lawyer can significantly influence your settlement. They can effectively negotiate with insurance companies and present your case in the best light.




Several factors influence settlements in Florida personal injury cases. Understanding these can help you advocate for fair compensation. If you’ve been injured and need help navigating your personal injury case, our experienced Florida personal injury lawyers at JustCallMoe are here to help. Contact us today for a consultation.

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