How Is Fault Determined In T-Bone Accidents?

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T-bone accidents account for about 13% of vehicle collisions in the United States annually. They also cause about 23% of the total car crash fatalities. T-bone collisions are right behind head-on accidents in terms of the risk for the drivers involved.

A T-bone accident, also called broadside or side-impact collision, occurs when one vehicle’s front crashes into another car’s side, going perpendicular. T-bone accidents often happen in intersections, but they can also occur whenever a vehicle crosses a street or roadway. You may need a lawyer to represent your interests in negotiations or court after a broadside collision.

How Fault Is Determined in T-Bone Collisions

Determining who’s at fault in a broadside accident can help you win a court case, claim damages, and apportion responsibility. You can determine the responsible party for the T-bone collision in various ways:

Right of Way

Determining the driver’s right of way in an intersection is the common method to determine the at-fault party. The vehicle that had the right of way was the vehicle that was supposed to move forward before the broadside collision. The driver that violated the other driver’s right of way is often at fault for these crashes. The vehicle that had the right of way can also bear some fault in a few instances when they didn’t recognize what the other driver was doing.

Damaged Side

Examining the vehicle’s damaged side can help you determine who’s at fault in the broadside accident. You can know which way the other vehicle was coming from before hitting the side with the driver or passenger. Use the information to recreate the scene and identify who was at fault.

Vehicle Defects

If the other driver’s car had a defective component, such as tires or faulty brakes, several parties could be at fault, including the vehicle’s manufacturer, the driver, or the shop that fixed or inspected the part.

Traffic Signals and Cameras

If the side-impact crash happened at an intersection having a traffic signal with a camera, the fixtures could help prove fault. Comparing the accident’s time with light changes pattern can show if any driver ran a red light.

Evidence like eyewitness testimonies, photographs, official police reports, and videos can help prove fault in side-impact accidents. Professional T-bone accident lawyers from JustCallMoe can protect your interests and ensure the correct party bears responsibility for the broadside accident. Contact us to enjoy our reliable and affordable representation.

T-Bone Accident FAQs

Here are frequently asked questions about T-bone accidents:

Which types of types of damages can you get after a T-bone accident?

You may get financial and intangible damages after the broadside accident.

Can you contest the insurance company’s findings?

Insurance firms don’t have the final word on your legal rights. You can challenge their findings in court if they don’t find the other driver was responsible for the side-impact crash.

Which parties can be responsible for the side-impact accident?

The potentially liable parties in broadside crashes are the drivers involved, vehicle manufacturer, or another driver.

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