Hidden Dangers: Internal Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents in Florida

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Motorcycle accidents, even ones that seem relatively minor, can lead to injuries that aren’t immediately apparent but are deeply concerning. Internal injuries, lurking beneath the surface, are often more deceptive, and understanding them is crucial for every rider. Internal injuries that are left untreated may lead to serious complications and even death in the most severe cases. After a motorcycle accident, whether you feel injured or not, you should always seek medical treatment to ensure that there are no internal injuries.

A motorcycle accident is something, we are riders, hoping to never experience. Unfortunately, if an accident does occur, a rider may be thrown off their bike, leading to blunt force trauma or penetrating injuries, both of which can harm internal organs. Internal bleeding is always a major concern after a Florida motorcycle accident. Internal injuries from motorcycle accidents are often a silent killer. While the rider may appear fine on the surface, under the skin lies damage that requires immediate attention. 

Common Internal Injuries from Motorcycle Crashes

  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): Even with a helmet, riders can suffer from concussions or more severe forms of TBI if they hit their heads during a crash.
  • Internal Bleeding: Blood vessels can rupture upon impact, causing internal bleeding. This is especially concerning because, without immediate medical attention, it can be life-threatening.
  • Ruptured or Punctured Organs: Organs like the lungs, liver, kidneys, and spleen can be damaged in a crash, leading to potential long-term health issues or immediate medical emergencies.
  • Rib and Torso Injuries: Broken ribs aren’t just painful; they can also puncture lungs or damage other nearby organs.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: Damage to the spine can cause paralysis, with the effects ranging from temporary numbness to permanent disability.

One of the primary concerns with internal injuries is that they might not manifest symptoms immediately after a motorcycle accident. Riders might feel fine, dismissing their discomfort as minor aches, only to face serious complications hours or even days later. After a motorcycle accident, you must always seek immediate medical attention. Prompt diagnosis can be the difference between life and death. 

The aftermath of a motorcycle accident can be overwhelming. Internal injuries are no different and can lead to extensive medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and immeasurable pain and suffering. Florida’s motorcyclists deserve comprehensive legal representation to fight to receive fair compensation for their ordeals. At JustCallMoe Injury & Accident Attorney, we know how to unravel the complexities of motorcycle accident claims, particularly when dealing with the often-overlooked realm of internal injuries. Contact us today!

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