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Orlando’s residents and annual visitors make good use of the many lakes, rivers, and navigable streams in and around Orange County’s largest metro area. With Orange County’s almost 37,000 registered recreational vessels, these waterways stay busy.

Unfortunately, accidents can occur even while enjoying a day out on the water. If you’ve suffered an injury on the waterways, an experienced Orlando boat accident lawyer at JustCallMoe Injury & Accident Attorneys can take the worry out of your damages claim.

Why You or a Loved One May Need an Experienced Orlando Boat Accident Lawyer

As reported in a summary from the Law Enforcement Division of Florida’s Fish and Wildlife (FWC) Commission, there were 735 boating accidents in the Sunshine State in 2022. These accidents injured 457 people and caused 65 fatalities.

Injuries in boat accidents

Some of the more common types of injuries resulting from boat accidents include:

  • Broken bones
  • Back and spine injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Contusions and traumatic brain injuries
  • Lacerations

While all of these can be serious, injuries involving the spinal cord can be life-altering. When nerves that comprise the spinal cord’s connection between the brain and the muscular system become damaged, normal, everyday functioning can be impaired. Depending on what part of the spinal cord is injured, the use of the limbs or sexual function could be impacted

If you or a loved one suffered physical or financial harm in a boating accident, a skilled Orlando boating accident lawyer from our firm could determine if another party is responsible. You shouldn’t have to pay for the damage caused by someone else’s negligence. Let an attorney from our firm help hold them accountable for your medical and other related costs.

Common types of boating accidents

The majority of accidents occur when boaters take their vessels out for recreational cruising. Florida’s FWC reported the most common type of boating accident involves striking another vessel. The force of such an impact could cause significant harm to the vessels’ operators or passengers.Colliding with a fixed object, such as a dock or rock formation, is the second most common type of boating accident followed by a boater falling overboard. An investigation by our Orlando boating accident lawyer could assess how another vessel’s operator may have caused an accident through negligence or recklessness.

When Operator Inattentiveness or Inexperience Causes Boating Accidents

Florida’s FWC noted that almost half of the reported boating accidents in 2022 resulted from a vessel’s operator not paying attention or being inexperienced. The legal implications of not paying attention on Florida’s waterways are similar to those with car and truck accidents: An operator’s negligence plays a key role in determining who the at-fault party is.

A vessel operator who does not follow mandated navigational rules or ignores boating safety procedures could be liable for damages in a boating accident. An Orlando boating accident lawyer from our firm can investigate if alcohol or drug use may have contributed to a vessel operator’s negligence or recklessness.

Operators are also required to properly maintain their vehicles. In some cases, negligence could lie with a third party if a boating equipment manufacturer or maintenance company failed to adhere to a reasonable standard of care in manufacturing of their products or services.

How To Prove Liability in Your Boating Accident Lawsuit

Building a personal injury case related to a boating accident typically requires solid evidence to help prove who the responsible party is. Chapter 327 of Florida’s statutes states that boaters are legally bound to operate their vessels safely. Our Orlando boating accident lawyer will use any violations of Florida’s laws as a foundation to demonstrate liability and build your case.

Our legal team may employ strategies such as:

  • Interviewing witnesses: This could involve other individuals on the boat, the authorities dispatched to the scene, and shoreline bystanders who may have witnessed the accident.
  • Obtaining and reviewing documents: Police reports, medical records, and any other relevant documents could help provide evidence of liability and the extent of the harm caused.
  • Contracting experts as needed: Our team will consult with accident reconstruction experts, medical professionals, and economic advisors to assess the accident and your damages.
  • Compiling photographic evidence: Visually compelling evidence of your injuries, the accident scene, and your damaged boat could help win your case if it proceeds to a jury trial.
  • Requesting cell phone records: Showing that a vessel’s operator allowed a phone call or text message to become a distraction when the accident occurred could help prove negligence.

Your Orlando boating accident lawyer will fight to obtain your maximum amount of compensation using all of the resources and proven strategies our team has to offer.

What Financial Compensation Orlando Boating Accident Victims Can Receive

Whether we pursue recovery for damages through an insurance carrier or a lawsuit filed against a negligent party, your financial compensation may include the costs of:

  • Emergency medical treatment, hospitalization, doctor visits, and physical therapy
  • Prescriptions, long-term care, and at-home medical devices
  • Wages lost while recovering
  • Repairs to your boat or the cost of its replacement

If the accident caused you to become disabled, you could receive compensation for the missed career opportunities and income you could have earned had the accident not occurred. You may also receive compensation for the pain you endured, your emotional stress, and a reduced quality of life.

An Experienced Orlando Boating Accident Lawyer Could Make a World of Difference

By working with our boat accident attorney, you can receive an accurate monetary assessment of the harm you suffered. We also understand your need to focus on your recovery after an accident. That’s why you can rely on us to take the burden off of your shoulders, handle the details, and commit ourselves to pursuing the maximum amount of compensation your case deserves.

Contact an experienced Orlando boat accident lawyer at JustCallMoe Injury & Accident Attorneys and learn what we could do for you. We don’t expect you to pay us anything unless we win your case.

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