Biker’s Arm: The Overlooked Injury from Florida’s Motorcycle Accidents

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As any seasoned rider in Florida will attest, the freedom of the open road does not come without risks. Amid the plethora of injuries that motorcyclists can sustain, there’s one specific injury that often lurks in the shadows, “Biker’s Arm.”

Biker’s Arm is a colloquial term for the nerve damage and muscle injuries a motorcyclist can suffer following an Orlando motorcycle accident. When a biker falls during a collision, instinctively, they may extend their arms to break their fall. While this reflex protects vital organs and the head, it subjects the arms to the full brunt of the impact. This can result in significant damage to the nerves, muscles, and connective tissues of the arm.

Biker’s Arm often involves:

  • Nerve Damage
  • Muscle & Soft Tissue Trauma
  • Complex Fractures

Biker’s arm can lead to serious and permanent injuries in the arms and extremities. Long term complications such chronic pain, decreased arm strength, limited range of motion, and even permanent disability are common. This type of injury often has a dramatic impact on a person’s life after an accident. Basic daily tasks like lifting or even writing may now be arduous and painful. Treatment and rehabilitation for a biker’s arm can also be extensive, painful, and costly. Physical therapy, potential surgeries, and pain management can create a significant financial burden.

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