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If you have gotten into a car accident in Orlando, Florida, you may be experiencing delayed rib pain. Car accident rib injuries are quite common and may not start to show symptoms immediately after the accident. But this does not necessarily mean that you cannot receive compensation for this car accident injury.

Delayed rib pain after a car crash can result in a variety of medical and work-related costs, as well as mental strain. Don’t seek compensation alone. Contact us today at JustCallMoe to talk with one of our Orlando auto accident lawyers who can represent you, so that you can get the compensation you deserve.

How do the Forces of a Car Accident Impact the Ribs?

When it comes to car accidents, there are specific injuries that are more common than others.

Car accident rib injuries are surprisingly common and range from mild to very severe.

The rib cage is remarkably fragile and is vulnerable to the impact of a car accident, as many people are restricted by their seatbelt or hit the steering wheel. Any kind of pressure or impact can bruise the ribs and cause a variety of other rib-related injuries.

The rib cage is held together with cartilage, tissue, and muscles around the chest wall. The ribs are also quite flexible since they have to contract and expand as you breathe. It is not uncommon to experience delayed rib pain well after the accident has occurred. You should always take any signs of injuries or bruising seriously, even if you don’t have any serious symptoms.

Injuries that can cause rib pain

The impact of a car accident can have an intense impact on your body depending on the severity of the collision. Even minor car accidents often result in whiplash and other minor injuries that can result in delayed rib pain.

Some of the most common injuries that can cause rib pain include torn cartilage around the ribs and chest wall, as well as bone fractures. You may also have a more extreme case of whiplash or have a dislocated or slipped rib.

Should You Get a Medical Evaluation for Rib Pain?

If you are experiencing rib pain after a car accident, it is important to take this symptom seriously. Even if it does seem tolerable, there is no way of knowing the extent of the injury unless you get a medical evaluation.

It is a good idea to get a medical evaluation after any kind of car accident as a precautionary measure. Not only is this important for checking for serious injuries, it can help you with your personal injury claim later on. Medical evaluations provide proof of injury and help when determining the amount of compensation you should get.

Rib injury complications

You should always get a medical evaluation if you suspect that you have a fractured or broken rib. Fractured ribs often have to heal on their own, but these kinds of rib injuries could easily become more severe if they are ignored.

Common symptoms of fractured or broken ribs include severe pain around specific ribs, especially when you are breathing or coughing. You may also experience shortness of breath and swelling around your chest. Most people experience limited mobility as well as bruising around the rib cage.

Complications can come from rib injuries if they are not treated as soon as possible. Broken ribs can cause internal injuries, which can result in infections. Incorrectly healed ribs can also cause chronic pain and limited mobility. Another serious complication could include cardiac tamponade, which is a condition that impairs your cardiac function.

Compensation for Rib Injuries After a Car Accident

If you find out that you have a rib injury after your car accident, you want compensation. The first thing you need to do is find a personal injury attorney who can represent your case to get you the best result.

Car accident broken rib settlements are going to look different for every situation since different aspects of the accident and the extent of your injuries will be under scrutiny.

Here are some examples of what can impact your personal injury claim:

  • The severity of the rib injuries: How serious the injury is will be a big factor when determining your compensation. The severity will dictate how much of an impact this has on your life.
  • Related injuries: Any kind of bodily injury has the potential to create other injuries that can impact your claim. Broken or fractured ribs can easily cause additional injuries like a punctured lung that would increase your medical bills and treatment costs.
  • Long-term impact: An important factor in any kind of personal injury claim is the long-term repercussions of the injury. For instance, it will be determined whether or not your rib injury will lead to chronic health issues or disability.
  • Financial losses: Car accident injuries often lead to financial strain depending on the severity. Examples include medical expenses and treatment costs, as well as loss of income if you are unable to work.
  • Contributory negligence: Some car accidents are the result of both parties being at fault, which can impact the personal injury claim. If someone sustained injuries but was also negligent, this could impact the compensation they would be eligible to receive.

Types of damages for rib injuries

In Florida, car accident cases are often divided into two separate categories. This includes economic damages and noneconomic damages.

Your car accident injury could result in you getting damages for medical expenses that are related to the treatment. Economic damages also apply to any lost wages if you were unable to work because of the injury.

Noneconomic damages would include things like pain and suffering as a result of the rib injury.

You could also claim punitive damages if the other driver was determined to have done something egregious, like operate their vehicle while intoxicated.

Contact JustCallMoe About Your Case Involving Car Accident Rib Injuries

Have you or a loved one sustained car accident rib injuries in a crash in Orlando, Florida? If so, contact us today at JustCallMoe to speak with one of our Orlando car accident lawyers who can help you build a case and get the compensation you deserve.

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