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No one is a perfect driver. However, when another driver engages in aggressive behavior, it may be road rage, which could have both civil and criminal implications for the at-fault driver. If you are involved in a road rage accident, you may be entitled to punitive damages in addition to the damages from the injuries you sustained.

If you’ve become a Florida car accident victim to road rage and have been in an accident with someone breaking the law, speak with a lawyer at JustCallMoe right away for reliable representation. We are happy to speak to you at no cost to discuss the potential compensation you may be entitled to recover.

Road Rage Behaviors

Road rage is when a driver becomes swept up in their emotions and proceeds to drive aggressively, putting themselves and others in harm’s way. They break basic road laws, speed unlawfully, and show other signs of reckless driving.

Here are four common ways to spot a road rage driver:

  1. Improper speeds: An incensed driver may drive too fast or too slow in the normal flow of traffic.
  2. Unstable swerving: A safe lane change or turn includes using the turn indicator, checking for other vehicles, and making the move. Road rage drivers can move without a second thought, causing the vehicle to swerve.
  3. Singling-out: If a vehicle is dangerously close to you or another vehicle, it could be that the driver is suffering from road rage and is not rationally thinking of their own or others’ safety.
  4. Physical gestures: You may see a road rage driver making rude gestures or yelling. They may even try to exit the vehicle and approach your vehicle in an aggressive manner.

Causes of Road Rage

There are many factors that cause road rage. The first contributor is outside of the road. Personal stresses or traumatic effects can cause tension and leak into their driving behaviors. During driving, anxiety can also set in and affect driving behavior. Finally, those who are in a hurry or running late often get inpatient and result in irrational actions leading to road rage.

How to Avoid a Road Rage Driver

  • Continue to drive safely and ignore the driver in question.
  • If possible, change your route to avoid them or pull over to the side of the road and let them pass, if safe to do so.
  • In emergency situations, call 911, report the license plate, and do not engage with them in any way shape or form, as it could make matters worse.

Compensation for Victims of Road Rage

In addition to the other party being found at-fault for your accident, they must cover damages done to you and your vehicle. Road rage accident compensation can include:

  • Emergency hospital visits
  • Follow-up health and wellness checkups
  • Physical therapy
  • Other debts in relation to incapabilities from injury (lost wages, future treatment and surgeries, etc.)
  • Vehicle damages and replacement
  • Punitive damages for the bad acts of the at fault party

Help for Road Rage Injury Victims in Florida

Florida road rage is a dangerous phenomena that sometimes cannot be avoided. If you have fallen victim to a road rage accident, contact us to speak with a lawyer, or learn about our attorneys.

Road Rage FAQs

How do I avoid road rage?

It’s important to breathe, clear your mind, and focus simply on staying safe on the road. There are many methods of stress relief, and a few include good sleep, meditation, and listening to calming music before, during, and even after driving.

Could a road rage driver be after me?

Most road rage drivers forget about the trip and go on about their day, and will most likely never see you again. Furthermore, there is a layer of anonymity that incites their aggressive behaviors in the first place. However, if you see signs of them invading your privacy, call 911 immediately.

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