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What Should You Do After a Minor Car Accident?

What Should You Do After a Minor Car Accident?

A car accident is a shocking event. c. Below are some things to consider.

Post-Accident Steps

There are several steps you should take after a minor car accident in Florida. Some of these steps are:

  1. Don’t go away. Leaving could lead to criminal charges for leaving the scene of an accident. Remaining at the scene is especially important if there were injuries in the accident.
  2. See if anyone is injured or needs medical attention.
  3. Call the police and report the accident. Either you or the officer must file an accident report, which can be done online or in hard copy.
  4. Exchange information with the other drivers. Make sure to get contact information and insurance information. Do not apologize or make any statements that sound like you are admitting guilt.
  5. Obtain contact information from any witnesses to the accident. Be sure to get their names, phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses so you can contact them later.
  6. Take pictures. Your cell phone will be a great camera here. Don’t just focus on your car’s damage. Take photos of the scene, any injuries, the weather, anything that might contribute to an understanding of the accident. You should also retain any dash camera pictures or recordings that your car’s camera made.
  7. After all these initial steps, contact your insurance company. Just give the company a straightforward account of the accident without any colorful commentary. Statements addressing fault, etc., should be saved for conversations with your attorney.
  8. Don’t talk about the accident on social media. Anything you say there can be used against you in settling or litigating your claim.

Contact a Florida Car Accident Attorney

Even after you take all the careful steps above, the circumstances of your accident may be such that you want additional help in handling your case. If so, contact the experienced Florida car accident attorneys at Just Call Moe right away. The attorney will provide a free case evaluation and help you obtain the recovery you need.


1. What is a minor car accident?

A minor car accident usually involves slight damage to the vehicle, which doesn’t affect the vehicle’s ability to operate. A minor accident also does not cause any severe injuries.

2. Can I talk about my accident on Facebook?

No, it’s a bad idea to discuss your accident on Facebook or other social media. Anything you write there will be available to the other side in case of litigation.

3. When should I report my accident?

Florida allows you four years to report a car accident. However, the sooner you report the case, the better the information from witnesses will be.

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