Who Should I Call After a Car Accident? Just Call Moe!

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Actually, before you call Moe, you should normally call 9-1-1. Unless the accident was fatal, police officers might not come. COVID-19 has curtailed officer responses in these situations. However, as the pandemic finally seems to be getting better, officer responses have expanded somewhat in some areas. As outlined below, it’s important for victims that police officers arrive on the scene if possible.

A police response jumpstarts your claim for damages. If an Orlando car accident lawyer gets a head start, an attorney has an even better chance of obtaining fair compensation for your serious injuries. This compensation typically includes money for economic losses, such as medical bills, and noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering.

Getting Medical Attention

Law enforcement officers and firefighters typically respond jointly to car accident calls. This response gives victims a chance to obtain immediate medical attention.

Paramedics and other first responders do their best to attend to injured victims, but they often do not detect all car crash injuries. Whiplash is a good example. Initially, whiplash victims are normally just sore. Responders often attribute this soreness to the accident itself. However, if whiplash is not treated promptly and properly, it might cause paralysis.

Because of hidden injuries like whiplash, always follow up with a doctor. But don’t go to just any doctor. An attorney can connect victims with an experienced car crash physician.

Obtaining a Police Report

The police accident report often provides critical evidence in a car crash claim. However, once again, the accident report is not necessarily the last word on this subject.

As mentioned, emergency responders have other, more important priorities when they arrive at an accident scene and they usually write these reports from memory. Furthermore, even the most experienced first responder is not an accident reconstruction engineer. Officers simply must do the best they can with the limited evidence available at the scene.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, if the victim was killed or seriously injured, the police accident report obviously contains only one side of the story.

Therefore, even if a police report indicates you were at fault for the wreck, a lawyer should evaluate your claim.

Victims shouldn’t assume someone else will call 9-1-1. If possible, they should make the call themselves. For a free consultation with an experienced Orlando car accident lawyer, just call Moe DeWitt, your Orlando car accident attorney. Virtual, home, and hospital visits are available.


What evidence does a lawyer use to establish car crash liability?

Medical bills, the police accident report, and the victim’s own testimony are usually the most important bits of evidence in car wreck claims.

Is there a difference between “fault” and “liability”?

Yes. Fault is a preliminary fact determination at the scene. Liability is a legal question that is settled later.

How do lawyers resolve car wreck damage claims?

Most vehicle collision claims settle during mediation.

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