Who’s at Fault If Someone Pulls Out In Front of You?

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If you are driving and a car pulls out in front of you, it’s the kind of accident that is very difficult to prevent. When a car pulls out in front of you, determining who is at fault will have a significant impact on your case and the possibility of compensation. Fault laws in Florida are different from what you may encounter in other states, so you will need to know how to approach this case where fault could be disputed.

Getting into a T-bone accident has many financial, mental, and physical repercussions. Because of this, you should consider contacting one of our experienced auto accident attorneys in Orlando at JustCallMoe for legal representation.

Dangers of T-Bone Accidents

Any kind of car accident has the possibility of causing severe bodily injuries. When a vehicle pulls out in front of another, it creates a dangerous T-bone accident. Depending on where the vehicle is hit and how fast the vehicles are going, these damages could be catastrophic.

The occupants of both vehicles are vulnerable to injuries like back injuries, whiplash, and broken bones. There is also a high risk of head and neck injuries as well as internal injuries from the impact.

It is very common for vehicle accidents to cause head injuries that could lead to concussions or traumatic brain injuries. You should always get a medical evaluation after a car accident, even if you don’t think you are seriously injured. Things like brain and internal injuries may not show symptoms immediately but they can quickly become life-threatening.

How Is Fault Determined in These Cases?

Determining fault in a T-bone accident in Florida isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. Many things contribute to a car accident, making it difficult to legally determine who was the most responsible.

How the accident occurred

In the police report, the responding officers will document how they assume the T-bone accident initially occurred. This includes creating diagrams of how the accident played out as well as documenting physical evidence on the road.

Witness statements

Police also have the responsibility of collecting witness statements at the scene of the crime.

These statements can come from anyone who saw the accident occur, whether they were another driver or a pedestrian.

Video evidence

One of the best kinds of evidence for your T-bone accident case is video evidence. Some vehicles have dash cams, which are very useful for capturing footage before and during accidents. Nearby business and traffic light cameras can also help to capture footage of the collision.

Driver and passenger statements

Besides witness statements, driver and passenger statements are also crucial for a car accident report. Keep in mind that these statements do not hold up on their own since it could ultimately come down to hearsay.

Can You Sue Someone for Pulling Out in Front of You?

After a T-bone accident, you may be wondering: how can you sue someone for pulling out in front of you? While possible to file alone, a lawsuit can become trickier than the average person would be able to navigate.

What you can do if you plan on suing someone for cutting you off is obtain evidence for your attorney to use. It’s essential to document as much evidence as possible at the time of the accident. This is not solely your responsibility, especially if you suffered a serious injury, but it benefits your case if you can preserve as much as you can at the scene. It is a good idea to take pictures at the scene of the accident and get a medical evaluation as proof of physical injury.

You also need to hire a car accident attorney who has experience with T-bone crashes. They can help you collect additional evidence, track down witnesses and ultimately create a case that’s likely to succeed in court.

Potential Compensation in Orlando, Florida

If you have been in a T-bone accident, you have most likely experienced some level of loss as a result of this. Common damages you could claim include things like bodily injuries, medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Is Florida Still a No-Fault State?

It is important to mention that the negligence laws in Florida changed early on in 2023. Instead of pure comparative negligence, Florida now allows modified comparative negligence in these kinds of cases. Modified comparative negligence means that each driver will owe the other driver for their damages, depending on their percentage of fault. If a driver’s responsibility for the accident exceeds 50%, they will not be able to recover compensation.

The statute of limitations has also changed to two years in most cases of vehicle accidents. You’ll need to act swiftly to sue a driver who pulled out in front of you.

Contact Us at JustCallMoe for Personal Injury Representation

If a car pulls out in front of you, who is ultimately at fault? If you were cut off in traffic and physically injured, you may be able to receive compensation by filing a claim.

Even in a no-fault state like Florida, it is still possible to sue, but you’ll benefit from having your case evaluated by an experienced car accident attorney first. If this is something you want to do, contact us at JustCallMoe to speak with one of our lawyers about the details of your case.

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