What Hazards Might a Motorcyclist Encounter in Florida?

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At JustCallMoe, our concern is keeping bikers safe and protected. Get informed, stay safe, and enjoy your ride. , resulting in 631 fatalities, 1,999 incapacitating injuries, and 5,929 other injuries. These accidents resulted in Florida ranking first in the number of motorcyclist deaths in the nation. Riders in Florida should understand what hazards a motorcyclist might encounter on the road. Our experienced Orlando motorcycle accident attorneys explain these potential risks.

Prepare Before You Hit the Road

As you learn about what hazards a motorcyclist might encounter on the road, you should also understand what you need to do to prepare for a ride. Mechanical problems can also cause accidents, so protect yourself by doing the following:

  • Check your brakes
  • Test your chain and its lubrication
  • Check your tire tread and pressure
  • Protect your electronic components and fuel lines from water
  • Test your lights

You should also inspect and wear a helmet and safety gear.

Bad Drivers and Uneven Terrain Put Florida Motorcyclists at Risk

Although only 637,448 of the 17,712,856 licenses issued in Florida were to motorcyclists, 14% of accident fatalities in 2021 were motorcyclists.

Other drivers may become distracted, lack sufficient training, or act aggressively while on the road. They may not see motorcyclists because you are in one of their blindspots or may not actively search for you and other bikers.

Therefore, you must remain vigilant when you share the road with other drivers — other drivers top the list of hazards a motorcyclist might encounter.

Common Road Hazards Florida Motorcyclists Might Encounter and Should Avoid

Riding a motorcycle gives you a uniquely scenic view and a feeling of freedom, but you are much more vulnerable than those in other vehicles. Not only do other vehicles themselves threaten you, but you will also find many hazards on the road itself.

Expansion and bridge joints

Have you ever noticed the intentional breaks or cracks in a bridge or road? These are expansion joints. They create a safe road surface by allowing the construction materials to expand and contract in various weather conditions. However, these gaps can be large, especially for the smaller tires on a motorcycle. Although you cannot avoid them altogether, circumvent as many as you can. If you do have to drive over them, do so at a consistent speed so your wheels do not get caught.


Gravel is near the top of the list of hazards a motorcyclist might encounter. Although four-wheeled vehicles can slip and slide a bit on gravel, they tend to remain steady. Motorcycles, which have thinner wheels, tend to experience significantly greater sliding and traction challenges than other vehicles. When you ride on gravel, avoid leaning, stopping, or accelerating suddenly.

Railroad crossings

Another hazard for motorcycle riders is railroad crossings.Like expansion joints, railroad crossings create large gaps in the road. In fact, you can actually get your tires stuck in the crossing joints.The bumps and dips can also cause you to get thrown from your bike.

Avoid railroad crossings as often as possible and, if you cannot, carefully cross the tracks and avoid turning your wheel into the gaps.

Edge breaks

Between lanes, particularly between a lane and the side of the road, you may find the road higher or lower than the lane you were in previously. These breaks make the road uneven and can cause you to lose control, especially when you move at a high speed.

Slow down as you approach lane changes and prepare for the change in roadway elevation.

Wet surfaces

Wet roads are especially dangerous for bikers. They are slippery and make it difficult to maintain traction. Like drivers of other motor vehicles, you should slow down when you encounter wet roads and accelerate and decelerate slowly.

When considering what hazards a motorcyclist might encounter, you must look beyond the roadway to the weather.

Florida weather can be unpredictable. If you know rain, lightning, wind, flooding, or storm surges are on the way, consider taking another vehicle if you must go out.


Animals are dangerous whenever they come into contact with drivers on the road. Not only do they cause damage when you hit them, but it can also be dangerous to swerve around them. When driving in areas with wildlife, drive slower and watch the road up ahead for animals.

Debris on the road

Roads are full of debris, including pieces of tires, litter from vehicles, rocks, broken glass, and pieces of metal.

While these may damage a normal four-wheeled vehicle, they are much more dangerous for motorcyclists. They can damage or destroy your bike or hit and injure you. Therefore, avoid debris when you can.

Top Safety Tips for Motorcyclists in Florida

After you learn what hazards a motorcyclist might encounter, you should learn safety tips to help you avoid them. To protect yourself in a motorcycle accident, wear safety gear, including a helmet, durable clothing, closed-toe boots, and eye protection.

Also, stay visible to other drivers by doing the following:

  • Keep your head and tail lights on
  • Avoid blind spots
  • Wear reflective gear at night

Keep your eyes open and continually search for drivers who may not pay attention to the road or other drivers.

  • Stay within or below the speed limit
  • Avoid swerving between lanes
  • Get off the road if you lose traction or visibility

Drive safely and ride smart to prevent accidents.

Our Florida Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Are on Your Side

You can’t always avoid an accident, even when you know what hazards a motorcyclist might encounter. If you become involved in and hurt in a motorcycle accident, contact JustCallMoe. Our attorneys will provide a free evaluation of your case. We can also help you navigate the insurance claim process, taking that burden off of you and your family.

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