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Burn injuries can be quite serious in nature. They can lead to disfigurement, emotional pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses, and other damages. If your burn injuries are due to someone else’s neglect, you have a right to be compensated for your damages. Moe DeWitt will see you get the compensation you deserve.

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What Are the Different Types of Burns?

There are many types of burns a person can sustain. They include the following:

  • Friction Burns: These occur when a hard object rubs off the skin. They commonly occur in bike or motorcycle accidents when the rider falls off and gets dragged along so that their skin rubs against the pavement. 
  • Cold Burns: Also called frostbite, cold burns occur when you are outside in cold temperatures or when something cold comes into contact with your skin for a prolonged period.
  • Thermal Burns: Thermal burns occur when a hot object raises the temperature of your skin to the point where your skin cells start dying.
  • Radiation: Radiation burns can be caused by the sun, X-rays, and cancer treatments.
  • Chemical Burns: These occur when strong acids, solvents, and detergents touch the skin.
  • Electrical Burns: Electrical burns occur when you come into contact with an electrical current.

Burns can also vary in severity. First-degree burns are the least serious and only affect the outer layer of the skin.

Second-degree burns will burn the outer layer of the skin as well as the layer underneath, called the dermis. A superficial second-degree burn will only damage part of your dermis while a deep partial-thickness burn is more severe and may leave a scar.

Third-degree burns destroy two full layers of skin and it will also damage nerve endings.

Fourth-degree burns are the most severe types of burns. They destroy all layers of skin as well as bones, muscles, and tendons. They are potentially life-threatening.

Establishing Fault in a Burn Accident

There are instances when a burn will be caused by unavoidable circumstances or the victim’s carelessness, but there are other times when burns are caused by a third party’s negligence. In these circumstances, the victim has the right to sue this party for damages.

For instance, it is up to a property owner to keep their property safe. If they neglect their property in such a way that it causes a fire hazard, they will be responsible for damages.

In the workplace, the employer must keep their employees safe. If they fail to do so, and a fire occurs, they can be at fault for injuries.

Defective products can also cause burn injuries. If there is a chemical product that can potentially cause a burn, and it is not packaged properly, or if the product does not have the appropriate warning labels, the manufacturer may be responsible for injuries.

Burn injuries may also occur during car accidents, or they may be due to scalding pipes and water. They may also be related to arson.

Finding a Lawyer for Your Burn Injuries

If you suffered a severe burn injury due to someone else’s negligence, you need a reliable lawyer on your side. If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer in the Orlando, FL area, Just Call Moe! 

Moe DeWitt has years of experience representing the people of Central Florida. They look at each of their clients as individuals and come up with unique strategies to ensure winning results. They are known for their deep sense of compassion, their aggressive representation, and their affordable rates.

Burn injuries can greatly reduce the quality of life. Don’t let at-fault parties get away with it. Just Call Moe and we will see to it that justice is served.

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