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When you are involved in an accident, various types of injuries can occur. Spinal cord injuries are among the most severe. Spinal cord injuries can greatly reduce the quality of life. They can result in herniated disks that require surgery, they can cause paralysis and they can also cause damage to the fiber tracts that carry signals to and from the brain.

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If your spinal cord injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, that party is responsible for compensating you for damages including medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional pain and suffering. Moe DeWitt will make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Different Types of Spinal Injuries

Different types of spinal injuries occur. They range in severity and some have more lasting effects than others. They include the following:

  • Complete Spinal Injuries: Complete spinal injuries result in total paraplegia. Victims will lose motor and nerve function as well as sensation and movement.
  • Incomplete Spinal Cord Injuries: In these types of injuries, some degree of movement and sensation will remain. There are five different kinds of incomplete spinal injuries; anterior cord syndrome, central cord syndrome, posterior cord syndrome, brown square syndrome, and cuada equine lesion. They differ in the part of the body the paralysis affects.
  • Spinal Contusions/ Nerve Damage: This is the most common type of spinal cord injury. It is temporary in nature and patients usually recover completely.

Emergency Signs and Symptoms

If you were injured in an accident, here are some signs that will let you know you may have a spinal cord injury:

  • Extreme pain or pressure in the head, neck or back
  • Weakness, a lack of coordination or paralysis in any part of your body
  • Numbness, tingling or a loss of sensation in your extremities
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control
  • Difficulty with balance and walking
  • Impaired breathing
  • An oddly positioned neck or back

Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries

There are many reasons spinal cord injuries occur. Here are some of the most common:

  • Car Accidents: Car accidents are the most common cause of spinal cord injuries. They account for approximately 50% of all spinal cord injuries that occur each year.
  • Falls: Falls account for about 31% of all spinal cord injuries. They are most common in people over 65.
  • Acts of Violence: Acts of violence are the cause of over 13% of spinal cord injuries. They are usually due to a gunshot wound but knife wounds can also cause injuries.
  • Sports and Recreation: 10% of spinal cord injuries occur when people participate in sports and recreational activities. Diving in shallow water is a common cause of injury.
  • Alcohol: One in four spinal cord injuries occur when the victim or someone they are with is intoxicated.
  • Disease: Cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, and inflammation can also contribute to spinal cord injuries.

Finding the Right Lawyer for Your Spinal Cord Injury

If your spinal cord injury was caused by someone else’s negligent behavior, they are responsible for damages. The right lawyer can help you get compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and emotional pain and suffering.

If you are looking for a lawyer in the Orlando, FL area to represent you in your spinal cord injury case, Just Call Moe! 

Moe DeWitt has over two decades of experience representing clients in personal injury cases. They treat each of their clients with care, compassion, and respect. But when it comes to seeing to it that justice is served, they fight relentlessly to make sure they get positive outcomes for the people they represent.

A spinal cord injury can be life-changing. Make sure at-fault parties pay for what they have done. Just Call Moe to make sure you get the closure you need.

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